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legal or contractual audit of financial statements, single or consolidated

  • audit of financial statements prepared in conformity with LUX GAAP or IFRS
  • limited review of financial statements or financial reporting packages

Special purpose assignments

  • interim dividends
  • contributions in kind
  • tranformation of companies
  • mergers and demergers
  • issuance of convertible loans
  • liquidation of companies

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Audit of financial statements, single or consolidated

  • statutory audits of a company's or an association's annual accounts
  • assignments to be carried out by a statutory auditor such as the audit of a change of corporate object and of the distribution of an interim dividend

Other legal assignments

  • Determined by corporate law
    • contributions (and quasi contributions) in kind
    • conversion of the legal form of a company
    • mergers and acquisitions
    • liquidation of companies and associations
  • determined by other legislation or regulation such as
    • environmental law
    • legislation re. workers' councils
    • hospital law
    • law on non-profit associations

Other audit assignments

  • detailed examination of the creditworthiness of a company
  • forensic auditing
  • audit of subsidiary companies or branches of multinational groups
  • insurance claim assessments
  • conversion of statutory accounting principles to IFRS/IAS standards
  • IT audits (by way of subcontracting)